Become a sanctioned venue and join the largest tabletop tournament of the year
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Generate a larger player base for your venue location.

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Add another layer of professionalism for your venue

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Free marketing support for your sanctioned venue

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The winners of Grand Finals will be crowned champions and receive $10,000 with an addtional $10,000 going to the winners Official Sanctioned Venue.

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Sanctioned Venue Seal

Let players know that your venue is officially a part of Unrivaled

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What You Get

Join the tabletop revolution by sanctioning your domain. When you sign up, we will gift you board games and swag for your store and troops.


Dice Trays

Sanctioned Venue Window Cling

Official Rule Book

Copy of each game

Venue kit
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Mirrored Prize Pool

Whatever your player wins, your store also wins.

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Oomba.TV Feature

Your player will be featured on Oomba.TV if they make it to Regionals.

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Winners of the Grand Finals will have a full featurette on each player and their home store.

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Be a part of the Unrivaled revolution with hundreds of other venues across America

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